‘What I told my wife before I went into the BBN house + my relationship with Bisola’ – ThinTallTony opens up


TTT is still reliving memories of his experience in the Big Brother Nigeria house and he has alot to say.

If you watched the 2017 big brother Nigeria reality show, you would recall that Offiong Anthony, popularly known as ThinTallTony (TTT) was in an intimate relationship with fellow housemate, Bisola and perfectly hid the fact that he was married from her and others in the house.

'What I told my wife before I went into the BBN house + my relationship with Bisola' - ThinTallTony opens up

But in a recent interview with with Vanguard, the father of three has opened up on what he told his wife before entering the BBNaija house, why he kept his marital status a secret from Bisola and his sudden friendship with T-Boss 

Read exercepts below:

How has it been?

It’s been an amazing journey. You would meet a lot of people, people who would go out of their way to get your GSM number just to give you a shout out, appreciate you and congratulate you. It has also been very stressful, but it’s good because it makes you work harder.

Unfortunately, you didn’t make it to the finals at the reality show. Did that affect your pocket?

Before I entered the Big Brother Najia house, there were  projects that I had been working on. The difference between then and now is that I used to work for someone in order to earn a living. But all that has changed, as I now work directly with the people and there’s no middleman anymore.

Did you have any regret while in the BBN house?

To be honest, I didn’t regret anything at all. I have always wanted to experience it, and you know people tend to be real once money is involved at some point.

While you were in the house, there was a huge controversy because you never opened up to anyone about your marital status, how did your wife react when you returned to her?

I didn’t know about that until I left the house. She reacted fine and she wasn’t offended. Before I entered the BBN house, I told her I wasn’t going there to sell films. I went there as the brand Thin Tall Tony. The only activity she remembered was  the one between Bisola and myself.  Then I asked her if she did remember that I did some wall paintings? Did she also remember I did a drum out of plastic? Did  she  remember too that I shared ideas with other people? Did she  remember I won four different Friday games? Did she remember that I was Head of house in a very difficult situation? Did she also remember I ate rubbish and she was like, ‘yes that’s true…’, then why did you decide to focus on my relationship with Bisola in the house. My going to the house was to showcase my craft. Like I said earlier, everything has changed for good. Fortunately Bisola had no idea that I kept that secret to myself. But yes, the social media went crazy at some point, it was only when I returned to the country that I started reading and checking those comments on social media. My wife understood it was a game.

You think your wife wasn’t bothered by your open declaration of crushing on T-boss?

Not at all! T-Boss was a plan between Bisola and myself. This is because most people were very much interested in the game. I noticed she was up for eviction three times and she did not leave the house, so there is something behind it. But people were thinking maybe she couldn’t  do some domestic work, always taking time to make-up, or because she’s fair and she’s got too many tattoos and they kept voting against her. Sometimes, you need to indirectly bring your enemies closer . So, I said the best way was to get closer to her, perhaps know more about her . But unfortunately, I guess everybody now knows that she had a solid back up while she was in the house.

Has your wife ever picked up a fight with you because of a picture you took or something she heard?

Yes she has! Women are very suspicious and they keep asking questions like what’s she doing there? Why are you guys talking in the dark. Sometimes, she would go through my phone, but it’s fine because there is nothing to hide. I think I’m kind of a warm guy. So when ladies request for my number, I just tell them to talk to my manager. I don’t turn people down , I love my family so well and I don’t want to hurt my wife.


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