Wednesday Motivation: Having a W-I-T attitude towards life


WIT meaning Whatever It Takes!

Having a whatever it takes attitude towards life

Attitude is everything and developing WIT alongside with it is only going to make you succeed in life.

Having a whatever it takes attitude is being assured of what you want to do, going ahead to do it and committing everything to see it come to life. A Whatever It Takes attitude also means being ready and willing to accept change.

We make changes and take risks althrough our lives – starting a relationship, marriage, investing in a new business, switching careers, relocating, abandoning our jobs, divorce, driving, meeting people, taking public transport – it’s all part of living and very necessary too.

News Flash: If you’re not making changes and taking risks in some aspects of your life, you are probably in a rut which is responsible for your bad attitude towards life.

When I wanted to venture into a new line of business some few years ago, I made the biggest mistake of telling my close pals about it without assuring myself first. I made strategic plans and my excitement about the whole thing made me blurt it out but somehow everyone I told pierced holes in my plan.

Ah, you will not make it. Alot of people are already into that line of business, how will you survive? How will you get customers? 

These were some of the questions they plagued me with and because I had not equipped myself properly, I didn’t have a Whatever It Takes attitude. I was weak. And just like a sky candle, my business plan fizzled away.

I was not equipped mentally, physically and I was not ready to accept the risk that would come with the change. Hence, a little discouragement threw me off balance.

Having a whatever it takes attitude towards life

In 1879, Western Union said of the telephone; “This telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication” but 141 years later, it’s still in use and is the most important means of communication. Why? Because the phone guys had a whatever it takes attitude, despite the bad review from a giant company.

In his book, Attitude is everything, Keith Harrell highlighted that in taking the giant leap, you have to leave many doubt and doubters behind. Make wise decisions and take risks when they offer to improve the quality of your life.

Risks are unavoidable but we have a choice about how we view changes in our life inorder to lessen the negative consequences.

Always be on the alert for change. Be ready to make the transition. See changes as opportunities not threats.

Understand that the process of change begins with examination of your conscience. Ask yourself:

Do I have what it takes? How much is it going to hurt? Will my actions produce the results I need?

When you sincerely provide answers to these, then you can go ahead with whatever you want to do.

Good morning. It’s another day to have a re-think and restructure your life in the right direction. Examine yourself and set out on that which you’ve been wanting to do. Start building yourself to have a whatever it takes attitude, it will definitely come in handy. Have a productive day.

Love Always… M.


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