We are not possessed! This couple pre-wedding photos are all you need to see today


According to Alonge Adekola, a graduate of Houdegbe North American University Benin Republic who shared the photos, she wrote:

I’m a stylist …. I love contorting, it has always been a part of me. Some people practise it but i’d say mine is a gift…My parents doesn’t support it as they believe it would scare men from me…lol
Contortion is the movement/twisting of bones…it seems abnormal here buh well recognized in countries like Russia, USA, Romania, China, Ukraine e.t.c… I wish contortion would be accepted in Nigeria because there are people with the rare talent that are scared to showcase it as they fear being rejected… I’m not only doing this for myself but for everyone that has something unique in them ….

Pls Nigerians accept us, its a gift not a spirit like everyone around me calls it. Its not as hard as it seems, we are not possessed …

See them below:


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