Virgins who masturbate are not christians, men who buy their wives s3x toys are fools – Marriage counselor


Ghanaian marriage counselor who is popular for his highly controversial statements regarding marriage, s3x and dating has made another shocking disclosure.
In a recent interview with Kasapa FM, George Lutterodt said that virgins who masturbate should not be referred to as  Christians.

While lamenting the increasing rate of masturbating virgins between Christians, he said:

We have masturbating virgins and per a research, I conducted last year, Christians are in that range more than anyone else in the sense that, they do not want to have s3x with anyone but masturbate to satisfy their sexual desire. These people cannot describe themselves as virgins because they derive the same pleasure like people who have s3x.

Mr. Lutterodt also berated men living in Diaspora who purchase s3x toys for their wives in other to prevent them from adulterous affairs.

If you are a woman married to a man abroad and he has purchased a s3x toy for you so you satisfy your s3x desires with the aim of preventing you from committing adultery, he is a fool.

Any man who asks you to engage in Skype s3x is a fool and does not respect you. We need to respect women and it doesn’t take you anything to spend your last dime to come and visit your wife than to put her in the context of a s3x machine.

He added that women in such situation are seriously suffering in bed because they have been subjected to bad sexual life like using s3x toys on themselves.

It should be noted that in April, George Lutterodt said that any man who marries a beautiful woman suffers in bed.


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