Update: Source reveals Davido had nothing to do with Tagbo’s death


Update: Source reveals Davido had nothing to do with Tagbo's death
The media has been awash with Davido and Tagbo news ever since former actress and business woman, Caroline Danjuma accused the singer and his crew of abandoning Tagbo in General Hospital after he died in his car last night.

There has also been videos showing Tagbo’s last moment where he was captured drinking alcohol with some friends at a bar, shortly before his demise.

However, a close source to Davido has revealed that the allegations are false. He said that the singer was not with Tagbo, they only saw briefly neither was his car used to convey him to the hospital.

Below is how LIB r reported it:

LIB reached out to Davido’s people and they told us there’s shock in Davido’s camp over Caroline’s allegations.

They said Davido was at the Shisha lounge last night for a birthday party where he saw the late Tagbo and others and greeted everyone. He stayed for about an hour and left the party to another location. The source said hours after Davido left, someone informed him of Tagbo’s unfortunate death. He wasn’t around Tagbo or the club when he died and it wasn’t his car that conveyed him to the hospital.

The source said they don’t understand why Caroline would involve Davido in Tagbo’s unfortunate demise.


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