Update on the chorister who stabbed her usher boyfriend to death in Rivers state


The Rivers State Police has launched a manhunt for Boma Mac-Pepple after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend Nathan Okojaja to death in Opobo town, in the Opobo/Nkoro Local Government Area of Rivers State for engaging another lady. (read here if you missed).

Nathan and Boma had accused each other of infidelity and they both engaged in a scuffle on May 7 with Boma allegedly sustaining injuries.
The next day, Boma took to Facebook to call on the public to help her locate him so that he can be brought to justice.

She posted a photo of the deceased and wrote:

Anyone that sees this boy should not hesitate to call my line 081191***** or 080828*****. Cos every criminal or cultist must be brought to justice, for any crime they committed. You won’t regret given us information. thanks do dat for my life…my life is in your hands now….His name is Nathan Okojaja (properly known with Junior).

When people started enquiring on his offence, she posted a photo of an injury claiming it was inflicted on her by Nathan which further raised doubts.


One of their friends then asked what happened, saying he knows Nathan is a good man adding that she should not condemn him on social media because they had issues.

Boma then responded:

We were not having issues. Yesterday (Sunday), I was coming back from Aunty Felicia’s house around past 7am. I met Junior (Okojaja). He asked me where I was coming from. I asked him what right he had to ask. You know Sarah? You can ask who that girl is to him. As I finished talking, what I could realise was that I was bleeding. 

I want to tell you something. Don’t judge people by their appearance.  You don’t know what they can do. You know I don’t discriminate against people. A cult member is a cult member. You don’t know what they can be able to do. Someone that can do this kind of thing, can as well kill you.

It was learnt that Boma found Nathan at 10.30PM and allegedly stabbed him to death. Boma has been on the run since the incident.

The Rivers State Police Public Relations Officer, Omoni Nnamdi said:

Boma and Nathan had a disagreement, which resulted in a fight. The young man was killed in the process. We are already searching for her.


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