Unbelievable! 54-year old man reveals how his urine helped him to shed over 50kg (PHOTOS)


A man from Essex, UK identified as Dave Murphy has revealed how drinking a glass of his own urine everyday helped him lose as much as 50kg in weight.
The father of two claims he has been drinking urine for the past six years which has kept him looking young and healthy.

He says he once weighed 127kg, a far cry from his current weight of 76kg which came as a result of drinking his urine.
Dave also explained that he washes his face and body with urine, adding that it keeps his skin youthful.

Dave recommends urine therapy as the ultimate weight loss and anti-aging solution. 

When interviewed, he said:

After drinking my urine, I feel healthier and fitter than I’ve ever done before and I’ve lost eight stone in weight.
Urine therapy is not just about drinking it, you can also wash in it and moisturize with it. It’s the ultimate anti-aging skin product – my lines and wrinkles have disappeared since I began using my wee as a moisturizer.


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