Strange! Church celebrates members who pay the highest tithes during service 


Tithe, as it is written in the bible is giving God, by submitting to the church 10% of your income every month but when a church starts announcing the highest tithers for the month, it raises concern about the direction where the church is headed.

A Nigerian Twitter user has disclosed how his church announced the names of the highest tithers in the last 3 months and applauded them, during yesterday’s service. 

He also revealed that this was the handiwork of Assistant pastors as the main Pastor has been away for two months, wondering if he would have curtailed the act if he was around.

Although, he refused to disclose the name of the church.

Read his tweets below:

Church applaud tithe payers

Church applaud tithe payers

And when someone asked how they were able to get the names, the young man replied that everyone has a tithe card that the church uses to record their payment monthly.


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