Oh no! Over 25 killed as wall collapse on guests during wedding ceremony 


More than 25 people have lost their lives after a wall collapsed on them during a wedding party in Bharatpur, a district in Rajasthan state, Western India yesterday.

The guests were in the midst of the celebrations, having dinner and mingling on the outdoor lawns when a strong dust storm blew into the area forcing them to go back indoors.
But soon after, the wall collapsed on them, killing guests, 4 of whom were children.

As per the official figures, 23 people including 11 men, eight women and four children were killed. The number of injured stands at 28.

The building collapsed due to dust storm and people were stuck in debris. Some locals intimated about the incident and a rescue team rushed to the spot.

The inspector general of police, Alok Vashishth, told the Times.

Meanwhile, the newspaper reported that two more people died in the early hours of Thursday as a result of their injuries.

Unfortunately, a power outage reportedly hampered rescue work but the injured were eventually rescued and rushed to the hospital.

Although, it has not been revealed if the couple survived.


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