Monday Motivation: Think


If you believe that only senior executives need to think strategically, think again.

Strategic and creative thinkers see opportunities everywhere. Except you want to remain stagnant, you’ve got to think.

No matter what level or industry you’re at, strategic thinking is a critical skill — one that can always be improved.

To hone your capacity to see the big picture, start by making sure you have a solid understanding of the industry context and business drivers. Make it a routine to explore the internal trends in your day-to-day work/affairs. Pay attention to the issues that get raised repeatedly, and synthesize the common obstacles your colleagues or clients face.

Be proactive about connecting with peers in your organization and in your industry to understand their observations of the marketplace, and share this information across your network.

Take the time to understand the unique information and perspective that your job function contributes to the company because there is nothing as doing efficiently that which should not be done.

You can have anything you want but you cannot get everything you need. Keep that in mind and you are on to greater heights.

Here wishing you a productive day ahead with lots of opportunities pushing in the right direction.

Good morning my dear people, today marks the beginning of a fresh week. Make it count.

Love Always… M.



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