Man invades his Chinese boss’ home, kills her for insulting his mother


Amos Okechukwu (pictured above) has been arrested by the police for allegedly killing his Chinese boss, Alice Xu at her residence in Tayo Close, Akinola Cole Estate, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos on Friday.

Okechukwu, a casual worker at the deceased’s firm, allegedly sneaked into Alice Xu residence and suffocated her with a pillow while she slept.

Afterwards, he ransacked her house, stealing about N800,000 and $2,000 cash. He then disguised as a mad person to avoid arousing suspicions at the estate gate but unfortunately for him, he was identified by one of the guards who called the police and Okechukwu was arrested.

A source who spoke to the Nation revealed that the suspect claimed he wanted to teach the woman a lesson for the frequent verbal assaults he received from her on him and his mother.

He entered her apartment when she had slept and tied her up. He covered her mouth and nose. The woman died because she could not breathe properly. He said he only wanted to punish her and did not mean to kill her. N800,000 and $2,000 belonging to the woman were recovered from him.


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