Jealous lady stabs her cousin to death over man they are both involved with


22-year old Brittany Seymour, pictured above has been brutally murdered by her blood cousin over a man they are both in love with.

According to reports, the cousins; Seymour Dannisha Green ran into each other at a club where they had a confrontation over the man (who also happens to be Seymour’s ex-boyfriend) leading to the latter stabbing the former.

According to the deceased’s sister, Bria Seymour, they were both at a club around 1:00am on Thursday, June 15, when they met Green and a fight broke out.

We were getting ready to leave and somehow those two got to each other and started fighting and in the midst of it my sister was stabbed two times.

The cousin, Dannisha Green will be charged with murder.


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