From cleaner to owner of 10 companies and UN ambassador – Popular Gospel singer shares his testimony 


Gospel Singer Sonnie Badu from Ghana has received great honors in the United States after he was presented with the key to the city of Brooklyn, New York.

He was also awarded a Dr of Divinity by CICA International University and Seminary Houston, and also the UN Ambassador CDSE (Commander of most Distinguished Order of Special Envoy).

Addressing the crowd after receiving the awards, he said:

Never went to university, but determination held my hands. Today, we have written 15 books, and God has honored us… The world has honored us, America has honored us, and Africa has honored us.

I am still reading about the new office I have assumed and meehhhnnn. All this, over 21 years in ministry has been worth it. The pain, the hurt, the accusations has been worth it.
No test no testimony….now to you reading this …..I declare to you, that you will be next in line for Gods elevation…..H.E. Dr S Badu C.D.S.E.

On his page, he wrote:

I have worked as a cleaner in london before. I used to clean universities while my age mates were studying. I have also worked as a burger flipper in McDonald’s. I have worked in Tescos, boots, dixon’s, jones boot makers and being homeless before. I wore one suite to church, however it never stopped me from loving God because I understood times and seasons. At a point the mother of a young girl I wanted to marry in London told me never to step foot into their house simply because I had nothing to my name .. I think she provoked something in me. Today by the grace of God, I am a CEO of almost 10 companies, with an honory Doctorate, a UN ambassador with an honory key to the city of Brooklyn, an author of 15 books , 3 smashing albums under my record, happily married to a beautiful queen and God has blessed me with 2 kids .. so when I tell you don’t give up , pls hear me .. you are next in line for Gods breakthrough..


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