Friday Motivation: When life deals you a hard blow


If plan A doesn’t work, relax there are 25 other alphabets, 204 if you’re in Japan ~ Claire Cook.

Friday Motivation: Plan, When life deals you a hard blowFortunately or unfortunately, I belong to those group of people who don’t believe in having a backup plan. For me, it’s plan A or nothing.
I do everything I can to succeed at plan A because I know there is no plan B or G to fall back to. Hence, when making my ‘plan A’, I critically analyze what I’m going into, make sure I’m on the right track ,create different scenarios in my head including how I’ll react if they pop up and also prepare myself for life eventualities. (yh, I’m that meticulous. Lol).

But guess what! Life doesn’t care!

It still shows up when you least expect and all the scenarios will just fizzle away. When life hits you, it’s crazy but all the pep talks in your head about the possible ways to react will be farfetched.

So, this is what I do when I feel the world has ganged up against me to flout my ‘perfect’ plan A, when everything is all messed up – I take a shower and I cry, oh I cry and in that moment, I’m unknowingly letting go of the frustrations. Then I sleep for hours, I try to dwell on nothing, i even abandon my plan. I eat everything in my fridge, woe to me, if my fridge isn’t stocked at the moment’. Then sometimes, I cry some more, sleep some more, talk to my mentor/support system (-selected friends/family). Most importantly, I meditate and pray to my creator.

Finally, I dust myself up. Because I look around and the world isn’t over, I see people still trying for one more day, I see the sun, I smell the rain. I smile. I get out of bed, I put on my best clothes, best perfume, I step out, mend/adjust the loopholes in my Plan A and I continue on my journey.

Because that is what successful people do. They keep moving at every cost. They may allow for a moment of defeat but they never remain down. They get back up, stronger and better.

Never allow life throw you off balance. You were born to rule and rule you must!

What is your go-to source when it seems like the world is against you and everything you plan comes crumbling down? What do you do?

Hopefully, not giving up!

Here is wishing you a lovely Friday of love, hope and happiness. Nobody has it all figured out. We just keep pushing, trying for one more day.

Enjoy the best of your weekend.

Love Always…M.


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