Friday Motivation: What your emotions are trying to tell you


No doubt, we’re to dwell on the good/positive emotions and trash the bad/negative ones… but have you ever considered that probably they are trying to pass a message or signals which will be essential for your success?

Friday Motivation: What your emotions are trying to tell you

Yup! Our negative emotions have a message too and these are what they sound like too:

Bitterness shows you where you need to heal, where you are still holding judgements on yourself and others.

Resentment shows you’re still living in the past and not allowing the present to be as it is.

Discomfort shows you need to pay attention right now to what is happening because you’re being given the opportunity to change, to do something different that you typically do.

Anger shows you what you’re passionate about, where your boundaries are and what you believe needs to change about the world.

Disappointment shows that you tried for something and you did not give in to apathy, that you still care.

Guilt shows you you’re still living life in other people expectations of what you should do.

Shame shows you you’re internalizing other people’s belief about how you should be (or who you are) and that you need to reconnect with yourself.

Anxiety shows you that you need to wake up right now and you need to be present, that you’re stuck in the past and living in fear of the future.

Sadness shows you the depth of your feeling, the depth of your care for others and this world.

Before you wave off that negative emotion, think about it, analyze it. It’s probably trying to point you in the right direction, because you can only move on to the next level when you’ve completely healed.

You’ve got this, everything is in your hands, you only have to decide to make a change for the best.

Listen to your emotions today..

Have an amazing day and an even  more amazing weekend ahead.

Love Always… M.


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