Between chasing what you want, sitting idle and the misleading quote…We need to tell ourselves the hard truth


Never chase what you want. Elevate your game until what you want chases you ~ Unknown. Okay scratch that, Tai Lopez made the quote!

Ermm, over the weekend, while surfing through Instagram, I came across this quote posted by a seemingly ‘popular person’ (you know all those brand influencers, ehen) and he affirmed it with a quirky caption. A quick look through the comment section and I saw alot of people hailing and approving the quote. It definitely didn’t sit well with me as I expected someone would have pointed out the obvious, sadly, nobody did.

I was beginning to wonder if there is another meaning to chase that I don’t know about but it’s still same in the Oxford dictionary – To purse, to follow at speed, to hunt.

That is a blatant lie! How won’t you chase what you want for God’s sake? What you want equals your dreams right? If you sit and fold your arms, you’ll be sitting forever because nothing will find you, much less, the particular thing which you want.
For somebody who is not chasing what you want, what game are you elevating please? Do you even have a game? What is the game?

I want to be a famous blogger tomorrow, so I sit in my house and elevate my game without putting in any work or making efforts to actualize my dream. Please, tell me how it will chase me tomorrow?!

This is the 21st century people, wake up. Every successful person had to work, chase and fight for what they want before they got to where they are today. You have to get started on something before someone else can recognize your work and applaud it, invest in it and then, what you want will start chasing you.

This generation of social media is highly deceiving and if we don’t start correcting the wrong impression, I’m really sorry for what our kids will grow up to meet. It’s not to slay (the new lingua) or keep up appearances while passing the wrong message across – like the instance I cited above.

We ought to raise a generation of thinkers, hardworking people and better leaders than us. What we create now will set the platform for the younger ones and we can’t start creating pipe dreams and giving them excuses to be lazy.

Even if you don’t want to be successful, for the sake of your children, set the right standards.
Chase the hell of what you want, run after it if you must till you’re living your dreams. Then, other things will follow. Little drops of water amount to a massive pool, it night take time but it will definitely come as long as you’re putting in good work.

However, If you want to sit idle and wait, IT WILL NEVER COME.


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