All I want is sex, I don’t want to break his marriage – Reverend sister confesses to adultery (PHOTOS)


A 38-year-old sister of the Roman Catholic Church has publicly confessed to be in an illicit affair with a married man whom she claimed is the only man she has ever loved in her life.
Emmaculate Samukange, who also works as a nurse at Chivhu General Hospital in Zimbabwe said she has no intentions of breaking Phillip Dzingai’s marriage but only desires sex from him.

In her words:

I am aware that Phillip is married and it is true that I am having an affair with him.

I am a Roman Catholic sister so what I do does not allow me to be his second wife. I am in a relationship with him because I failed to resist sexual temptation; I don’t wish to break his marriage, all I want from him is sex.

I started dating him in 2013 and since then I have tried to let him go but I have failed to do so.

We met at Chivhu General Hospital where I also work as a nurse and from that moment we clicked. I have never met his wife but she now knows what is going on between Phillip and I because we have been dating for a long time now.

When asked for comment Phillip said “There is nothing like that going on,” before hanging up the phone.

Meanwhile a reliable source, who is a close relative to Phillip, said they had previously warned Phillip against cheating on his wife but he paid no heed.

As a family we have had numerous meetings with Phillip but we have not been able to convince him to be faithful to his wife. It seems as if they are inseparable; each time you mention anything to do with Emmaculate he changes his temper and starts to be violent.


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