Ah! Young girl publish list of 15 people she has infected with HIV


A Kenyan woman has posted on Facebook, a compiled list of men that she has infected with the HIV virus since she discovered her status.
The list comprises of men from all over Kenya whom she has met in her philanderings.

A fair number of the men also happen to be married men who make up part of her friend list on Facebook.

She began by exposing Rashid Kinyatta who lives in Pipeline. She accuses him of cooking bad food on a rickety stove before indulging in the debauchery.

The second was Moses Ekina whom she described as a thin man with a generous potbelly, that she met in Webuye.

Daniel Njuguna who lives in Kikuyu was not spared the bitter attack. He is apparently the worst she ever had.

The list continued to Kibet Ronoh from Eldoret; decent married man who had fallen for her wits and ended up digging his own grave.

This list in all makes up a total of 15 men, see below:


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